Understanding Hygge for Everyday Joy

hygge moment

Understand hygge to find contentment and calm in the ordinary each day.

I have always had a heart for coziness. A beautiful view of nature, warm drinks, baked foods and candlelight – no what season it is.


Your home should be a place to rest, recharge, host loved ones, and create memories.

But right now, it’s more like a heavy, never-ending, energy drain.

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I have also always had a heart for my Norwegian heritage. My home and my life are in the Pacific Northwest, but my heart is in Norway. I cannot explain longing for a place I have never lived – a pull and a craving at my core. It’s primitive, and probably hearkens to my  deep connections of my childhood. Have your ever felt that way?

What is hygge?


I had never heard of the term hygge (“hue-guh”) until it became chic in recent years. When I read it, it was like reading my story but summed up in a word. Hygge is more than a word though. Hygge is truly an essence. Not a lifestyle, not something you can buy. It is a moment or a way to live. Organic, uncontrived, meaningfully rich, gratifying.

To be savored!

It is debated as to whether it is a Danish or Norwegian word, but either way I do believe it is a Scandinavian specialty. And no matter where it originated, it is special. Its simplicity is innate in the culture and its warmth is contagious. It’s a feeling of contentment where time slows, and the soul is warmed.

It’s craved in the heart.

I believe my family before me found a way to brave the cold dark long days of the Nordic winters and create a warmth and joy despite the harsh season. I believe they also carried that essence of sharing the joy into the longer sun filled days while embracing the breathtaking vistas of their landscape. Elements of fire and water, light and dark, warm and cool, combined with the heart of friends and communality of breaking bread. Hygge.

Whether it is warm woolen socks and the glow of a fire on a particularly grey day or a rustic alfresco dinner and bonfire in July. It’s the love for an environment that is warm and intimate, a sanctuary that is both easy and relaxed.

The experience is sweet and to be savored. Even if it just over a cup of coffee.

Yes, savoring is at the heart of the matter.

hygge fire

Why do you need a little hygge?

We know how stressful running a home can be, and how filled our days can be. So full in fact that we often forget ourselves in the moment. Sometimes the idea of stopping to savor anything has to take the form of a vacation in order for us to relax and unwind, but with hygge you don’t have to. It truly helps us to find contentment and calm throughout the day! Especially important if a vacation is not in the horizon.

Studies have shown that Scandinavians are the happiest people in the world. I know that hygge and the art of savoring moments are at the heart of it.


Pull together a moment for yourself to savor. To practice mindfulness and gratitude. Thankfulness for the blessings of the moment. It lightens your soul and lengthens your day. ?

Love, Deanna