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STEP #1. Start with your free copy of, The Intentional Declutter, your guide to clutter free living. It's a challenge to make progress of any kind in a home where things are out of place. In this guide, you will start by understanding that decluttering doesn't have to mean living without the things your love. Instead it's learning how to edit so that you can enjoy what you have and learn to love your home. My FREE gift to you so you can begin to get things under control.

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STEP # 2 Now that you have some familiarity with how we go about decluttering at Design This House, if you like what you hear and it sounds like a fit, you will want to flush it out fully with the self-paced course that will help you make huge strides in moving the needle in only small bits of time. This course will totally change the way you deal with clutter and organization and it will totally change the culture of your home.

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STEP #3. After you have purchased the course, you are welcome to join our online learning platform and community as a member of Domestic Hero Academy. This is where we join together to implement what we have learned and encourage one another in our progress as members. You won’t want to miss this opportunity. Enrollment is limited so we can effectively benefit, engage and  nurture the community. Access the membership or get on the wait list today.

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Hi there!

I’m Deanna.

Hey there, I'm Deanna and welcome to Design This House!

I launched DTH with a drive to help people like you/like me nail down the functional nuts and bolts of running a home. So you can stop fighting with the home and turn it around so that your home works to support you, your purpose and your passions.

What makes Design This House different is that we really focus in on systematizing your home, so that your efforts are lasting, efficient and effective. The aim is to stop your home operations from being an intrusion and an interruption and turn them into background noise - a rhythm and a routine that gives you a lifestyle of living beyond the duties of your home. This gives you the freedom to focus on what you love!

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Having raised four kids, working as an interior designer and starting businesses I often feel the stress of keeping it all together. I know what it is like to feel spread thin. Having the skills to keep my home and life under control has been essential. My home is a reflection of my mental space, and when I can keep the visual noise at a quiet level, I thrive. I can teach you this so you can thrive too! You can learn more about me and what I can offer you HERE.

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