Setting up your war room is the first step toward victory

Setting up a war room to strategize your home management is your first step toward victory!

Imagine for a minute that you are walking with Winston Churchill, or maybe Daenerys from GOT, and you are headed for the war room… you are not going to any room; you’re going to the war room. And while you might not know exactly what will be discussed there, you DO know what the purpose of going there is! You are going to review, strategize and plan for the battle at hand.

What is a war room?

I’m not sure who coined the term, but the practice of setting up a war room has been around for a very long time.

Today the idea of a war room  is popularly connected in either a business sense, where people are at conference tables and surrounded by white boards, or the very familiar war room used for prayer. Detectives use it for investigations, designers use it for inspiration… I think you understand what I’m getting at.


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We can assume that the functionality is important or it would no longer be practiced. People understand the value and have continued to use it and adopt the concept to their purposes. For home management, it is equally important and will help you tremendously.

First, a war room is a place.

A war room is a physical location or place designated for a specific purpose. For example, in business it might be use for growth and marketing strategies, or a prayer room is obviously for focused prayer in solitude.

Your war room should be a place where distractions are eliminated to help you focus on your mission and objectives.

It should be equipped with the basic tools you need to focus on your mission.

As CEO/COO of your family, you need a home management war room and you need it as soon as possible.

Second, this place has a specific purpose or function.

To address your home management, the function of your war room will be to problem solve, brainstorm, strategize, design and implement improved home systems that you need so you can run your household efficiently and effectively. It has the same purpose as any other war room. Strategize for success! Victory!

Our DTH core value – Your victory is to make your home serve you, your vision and your way of living!

Why do you need a designated place?

It is important to have one unique space reserved for this specific function, and to keep all your information and your supplies. Furthermore, you need to set your brain for the mindset of being there, meaning you need to intentionally set up your brain’s perception and response. You are training your ‘mindset.’ And a consistent place is important for that.

Does it have to be a room?

No, but it needs to be a designated place. If you have a room that is great. Just be sure you have a specific location where you can regularly go and are free from other distractions.

Your war room could be a closet, a guest room can serve this purpose when you don’t have guests, or maybe give function to an underused area of your home. You could also use a corner of your living room, or your favorite seat in the kitchen.

Evaluate your home, find a place, and designate that to be your war “room.” Don’t overthink it… just pick. You can change later, but you need a home base.

What do you need there?

Nothing complicated is needed. Start simple. Try basic tools so you can write comfortably, such as paper to pen and a place to set down a cup of coffee. So then, if your war room is a corner in the living room, you would need a comfortable place to sit, a journal and a pen, a coaster and drawer to store them in.

If you are a digital type you need to consider whether or not you need a surface to set your items on, and you will need to be sure you are near a location where you can get your device plugged in.

If you are a big visual type you can use a white board, or a pin board. Though, unless you have a designated room where you can shut the door and walk away, I strongly urge you to have a place where you can store the white board. Other creative ideas can be using post its around your room. Don’t be rigid about the space and structure. DO keep it tidy.

Just a word of caution here. You need to keep PURPOSE AND CLARITY. You are designating this space to get control of your chaos and control your home life. Designating a space for your war room IS NOT to be a project. Don’t do it. It can evolve later, but not today.

What exactly are you going to do there?

Now that you have your place you will be designing home management systems for this house of yours with PURPOSE AND CLARITY. That begins with a vision. In your war room you will create and write down your vision for your home and home life.

You will evaluate your current problems. Using the SERVE method will be helpful. Use SERVE for each issue you are currently facing.

Then you are going to set in place your home systems, one by one, to drive toward that vision.

Here you will plan, supervise and revise as needed – and it will be your headquarters.

Will having a war room help me master my home systems?

Yes, IF you use it! Your brain will be trained to block out other things and you will focus on operations and project management.

You are the boss remember, the CEO/COO. You can’t abandon the company and live a retired life. You will need to actively use your space.


Designate a space – TODAY!

There is no purpose in waiting. Each day will not get easier. In fact, if it’s challenging now, that is even more reason to START TODAY.

Get your supplies.

This should be easy – you probably already have what you need to get started. Pick a journal for yourself or a designated pad of paper. Get pens, use different colors if you want and highlighters if you prefer. If you are into bullet journaling go for it, but don’t get too distracted with making it too artsy. Remember this is strictly business. The fun stuff comes later I promise. If you want the extras of white boards or post its go ahead. And if you want to hook up electronically for a digital platform you will want to have an extra charging cord kept in this area for your convenience.

Make it personal.

Business aside, this doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. Functional yes, but not to the exclusion of nice. Flowers and candles make any place a bit more pleasant. If you want to add any motivational pieces to your surroundings go for it. You could add a small picture frame displaying your favorite verse or motivation or perhaps a special coffee cup or something that reminds you of WHY you are doing this. It could be a vision board, a special lamp, an aromatherapy diffuser, or a candle. BUT keep it simple. Remember, I don’t want you to start a new project. Just set up a clear place for you to get your vision and plan. Personalize it so you look forward to going there, but simple enough that you can thrive!

I challenge you to do it now! Send me pix of your spaces and tell me about your war rooms! 

I can’t wait to start this journey with you and watch you conquer your home life!

Every step of this process is important so that the Home Systems of Designing This House will deliver lasting results!

You’re on your way! 

Love, Deanna