Make the most of the Covid-19

How can you make the most of Covid-19, while Staying Home and Staying Safe?

Are you like me and suffering from the Covid-Crash right now? When the talk of quarantine or lock down began there was a flurry of planning, shopping and preparing. Followed by Netflix streaming and catching up on to do lists during this “stay-cation.” Then came the crash. Like kids at the end of a long birthday party, the sugar low set in like a heavy snow. I don’t know what day it is, my diet is anything goes and why can I suddenly sleep so much?

While it is important for us to give ourselves and family grace to process the adjustment of work or no work or working from home, of school and kids at home… eventually it is just time to snap out of it! Time to regroup! And the best way to do that is to find the structure of the day and get back to the drawing board to reset those goals!

So, if your mind is foggy in the haze of these strange days, here are some quick and productive ideas that get the positive juices flowing and your body moving!


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declutter and get organized

Every home needs a good declutter and what a perfect time to clear out all the extras. Start with categories and go from room to room in attack mode. Categories from clothes closets, bookshelves, filing system, kitchen and pantry, bathrooms or garage. The list goes on. Tackle the one that gives you the most grief. You have the time and need nothing to get it together. Decluttering is an act of saying goodbye and freeing your life and your space. Squash that overwhelm and spark that joy ?

Set up a functional home office

Well folks, here in the Pacific Northwest we are entering month two of quarantine, and while we have accommodated home office space and school space for everyone, we did approach it as a temporary situation. True, while this will not last forever, there are some advantages to this and setting up a more long-term situation could have its benefits.

Focus on some personal goals

Focusing on your personal goals should give you tons of stuff to spark your imagination here. What is that one thing you have really been wanting to do? The list of resolutions you had in January that slipped away with the chaos late winter brought. Learn a new language, start that side hustle – like a blog, read more, or working out. The list is long and ready for you to focus on those goals. Go ahead, just grasp it!

Get in a deep spring cleaning

Disinfecting is the buzz word for spring 2020! Everywhere you turn there are ways for you to get motivated (or buried) by cleaning. But really getting in a good spring cleaning is more than just wiping down those doorknobs – although, please don’t stop. Look at some extras to get in that deep spring clean to set the rest of the year off on the right foot. Here is a helpful monthly maintenance guide to keep you on track.

Support your local business owners

So many local businesses are suffering. And maybe you are right in there. Let’s care for one another in anyway we can. Focusing on others in acts of service is a good way to put light in your day and joy in your steps. Plus, it is contagious! Order take out from your local restaurants if they are serving. Grocery stores are overwhelmed and maybe not the safest place when that is the ONE place where everyone can go. Order your groceries in with a service like Instacart. The jobs that are in demand can help those that are otherwise out of work. Make gifts of home baked goodies or have the kids make uplifting posters for friends or family and make a front porch surprise delivery. Think out of the box and brainstorm with friends or family. Your acts of kindness will spread in fantastic ways!

Touch base with people

Isn’t it easy to get so busy with our daily lives that time gets in between us and the ones we care about? There have been far too many times when I have had months go by without having time to address the people in my life. And the fact of the matter is, relationships take time to nurture. So, Zoom it up, Facetime away or get out the pretty pens and reinvent the art of writing a letter. Love your way through this with devoting time and attention to those that quietly slip by.

Up your cooking game!

You know, for all the people in the world who eat… yes that’s all of us… there are such a huge number of people who don’t know how to cook. OR don’t know how to do it very well, OR just simply don’t do it enough, so cooking seems daunting. Well, there’s no time like the present. Determine to master something; like healthy breakfasts to start your day on the right track. With so many good classes and books and recipes online you are sure to succeed! With that success comes confidence and you before you know it you will no longer say – I’m not a good cook. Yay!

Plan for future days, virus free!

Thankfully this too shall pass. Maybe our future will look a little different, or maybe it will go back to being the same. But either way, we will have future days when we aren’t in lock down. It is easy to get frustrated and antsy when we don’t have an end date in sight, but just know there is. So why not get a rough plan for it? Make a list of things you want to do and need to do. Plan that dinner for your family, or that getaway you were hoping for this summer.

Oh my friend, this is one of times when we will look back and reflect. Let’s make sure that we give ourselves the grace to be uncomfortable and even sad, scared or stressed. Ride it like a wave and let it pass. But until then, let’s make the most of it! Write your history by doing the positive, loving and productive thing today!

Thinking of all of you ?

Love, Deanna