Design This House Foundation

More than ever before we need to join together in love and support as we face varying crises across the globe. The DTH mission is to serve homes, and families in times of need; to help one another fill a gap, rock a baby, to hold a hand, or drill a well. The goal is to take a percentage of every dollar received and give back to communities around the globe.

The Charities

Living Water Initiative

The India Project

Clean Water is the gift of life. A small gesture of love to provide clean water for women who tirelessly and faithfully serve their families. Beginning with a grassroots effort, the initiative behind the India Project has provided over 35 fresh water wells for a small island community in India who are otherwise without clean water. This is a zero profit foundation.

Domestic Violence Initiative

Joyful Heart Foundation

Aiding in the fight against sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse.

Fighting for precious new lives

Pediatric Interim Care Center

Helping rock a precious new baby and love them into a world where they were introduced to a life with drug addiction. Help our precious Little Ones know the loving and safe arms that are critical to their foundational development in their beginning months.

COVID-19 Global Initiative

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

Helping the world fight the battle that is threatening our families, our schools and our economy.

DTH commits to 100K in aid to people throughout the world, to help sustain and build their families.

Our first goal is $100K in contributions to organizations that support women and children and families in need around the world.

The goal of DTH is twofold. DTH wants to serve you. The income generated is to give back to you and also to donate a portion of those proceeds to families around the globe. It is a cycle of giving. Your purchase counts. Give with love.