Create Habits and Routines to Reduce Decision Fatigue

Multiple demands and poor home management systems create decision fatigue.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a statement simply based on my life experiences and observations of people that I have met and helped over the years…

SAHM and SAHD, and young people adulting in this world for the first time, are stressed and dissatisfied with their homes/home-life and home systems for two reasons.


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  • Primarily as a result of decision fatigue that comes from the numerous decisions and responsibilities of maintaining their home.
  • And secondly, as a result of inefficient or ineffective home management systems.

Decision fatigue. What is it?

Decision fatigue refers to a state of weariness that often manifests itself physically after one is faced with having to make several decisions in succession over time. It compromises our energy, our mental focus and because of the state of stress it will also manifest itself psychologically where the individual will begin bargaining and compromising to plug in a solution to get it over with.

Sound familiar? How about the process of planning a wedding? There are lots of decisions and details to account for on a regular basis. Most of us have been there at least once, and many of us experience decision fatigue daily. It’s stressful, unpleasant and many will go to great lengths to avoid it!

How can you reduce decision fatigue?

Create habits and routines!


  • A habit is a behavior that is repeated regularly and often unconsciously.
  • A routine is a regularly followed course of actions.

Have you ever thought about how many decisions you make every day just taking a shower and getting ready for the day? Probably not because they aren’t conscious decisions anymore. They are now habits and part of your routine. In fact, you probably do them it around the same time and in the same order. And what’s more, because you do them without much thought, the process is not a stressful event. In fact, you may even do your best thinking then, or you might listen to a playlist or a podcast and relax.

To be clear, is a habit might be brushing your teeth, but the routine is the program of getting ready that includes brushing your teeth as one item in your full course of actions of preparing for your day.

The act of creating routines as part of your home systems and creating good habits is therefore the Magic Ingredient to a smooth and more peaceful process.

That’s right! Planning your success involves planning routines and creating habits. It will take a commitment to plan and the discipline of thought and repetition for a short time, but as it becomes ingrained, it will feel like your systems eventually run themselves!

And that means the stress of decision fatigue is long gone, freeing you psychologically and physically.

Design a routine and make it a habit. Or as I say, “set it and forget it.”


  • Habits become an unconscious rhythm. Intentionally set them to be positive in your life.
  • Goals are not habits or routines, but habits and routines can get you to your goals.
  • Be aware of any bad habits you currently have and reset them now.

Don’t let the stress from decision fatigue deteriorate your decision making or ability to function at optimum levels any longer.

Start setting up your home systems and begin enjoying carefree days!

Tomorrow is a fresh start!

Love, Deanna