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Home Maintenance Guide

Make Running Your House Easy through Problem Solving

Running a home can be hard, leaving you to feel overwhelmed, stressed out and stuck. But a…

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5 tips to successful brainstorming

A Successful Brainstorm Can Bring About Fantastic Ideas! There was a solution. I GOT RID OF MY…

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Create Habits and Routines to Reduce Decision Fatigue

Multiple demands and poor home management systems create decision fatigue. I’m going to go out on a…

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Why do I start things and don’t finish them?

Do you ever wonder why you have to try and try again? Why you start things and…

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Understanding Hygge for Everyday Joy

Understand hygge to find contentment and calm in the ordinary each day. I have always had a…

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Make the most of the Covid-19

Oh my friend, this is one of times when we will look back and reflect. Let’s make sure that we give ourselves the grace to be uncomfortable and even sad, scared or stressed. Ride it like a wave and let it pass. But then, let’s make the most of it! Write your history by doing the positive, loving and productive thing today!

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Are you Big Picture or Detail Oriented?

Being able to identify your strengths and challenges helps you prepare to begin your home systems development. Understanding that will help you know which tools to use and where you will thrive.

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A young child with blond hair sits in front of laptop

How to set up a homeschool classroom

Are you faced with having to set up school at home for your kids? Do you wonder…

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Child with headphones waves to person on laptop screen

How to Create a Daily Schedule for Homeschooling

If you haven’t yet seen the first post in this series How to Set Up a Homeschool…

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Toddler looking at people on a laptop

Homeschool Organization Hacks

Frustrated with all of the systems and passcodes, platforms and links for remote school? Here’s how to…

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How to Support Your Child Learning at Home

Are you worried that homeschooling or remote schooling isn’t meeting all of your children’s needs? Learn how…

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