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bed and bedside table

How Cleaning My Bedroom Changed My Life

My messy bedroom never bothered me. But once it changed, I  never went back. Messy bedroom? You…

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Pile of clothes on beige chair

Are you making these decluttering mistakes?

Decluttering can be easy and rewarding when you know the right things to do and more importantly…

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Home Keeping & Maintenance Courses

MAY: Monthly Home Maintenance Guide

Usher in the full bloom of spring with some last minute up keeps.

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Are you Big Picture or Detail Oriented?

Being able to identify your strengths and challenges helps you prepare to begin your home systems development. Understanding that will help you know which tools to use and where you will thrive.

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Make the most of the Covid-19

Oh my friend, this is one of times when we will look back and reflect. Let’s make sure that we give ourselves the grace to be uncomfortable and even sad, scared or stressed. Ride it like a wave and let it pass. But then, let’s make the most of it! Write your history by doing the positive, loving and productive thing today!

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APRIL: Monthly Home Maintenance Guide

  Here’s your Monthly  Home Maintenance Guide for April   “It’s spring fever. That is what the…

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Spring Cleaning Tips to Reduce Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, a good spring cleaning can help. Spring is my favorite season of…

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3 Reasons Why You Need Home Systems That Work

  Eliminate your stress with home management systems that work! Do you ever wake up in the…

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Create Habits and Routines to Reduce Decision Fatigue

Multiple demands and poor home management systems create decision fatigue. I’m going to go out on a…

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Professional Design Advice

Setting up your war room is the first step toward victory

Your victory is to make your home serve you, your vision and your way of living! Designating a reserved place to create this vision and strategies for your systems are the first step that will change everything. Find out why this is important and why to do it today.

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Be the CEO/COO of your home and run it like a boss!

For successful home management, you need to run your home like a boss! Benjamin Franklin said, “If…

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Home Maintenance Guide

Make Running Your House Easy through Problem Solving

Running a home can be hard, leaving you to feel overwhelmed, stressed out and stuck. But a…

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