Are you Big Picture or Detail Oriented?

Identifying your uniqueness can determine your approach when problem solving.

Let me ask you…

Do you keep working harder and harder and end up with the same results?


Your home should be a place to rest, recharge, host loved ones, and create memories.

But right now, it’s more like a heavy, never-ending, energy drain.

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Are you surrounded by reminders of projects that were never finished?

Or are you so busy keeping up with your tasks that you don’t have time for anything else?

If any of that sounds familiar, I can totally relate. I was there. I was the Queen of being busy and starting new projects.

A glance at frustration.

I was the new homeowner and soon to be the new mom. I was busy doing all the stuff that needed doing – laundry, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, paying bills, and maintaining a busy social life. Painting and sewing and gardening projects everywhere! My problem wasn’t that I wasn’t working at it, that’s for sure. The problem was that while I was busy being busy, my system wasn’t working. And truth be told, I was procrastinating on fixing it!

But one day I sat down, swooning with morning sickness, and I objectively faced the beginning of my new chapter in my life, I realized something had to change. I was already getting a bit tired, and life was going to get infinitely busier! I realized that I had been kicking to keep my head above water for so long it had become normal. I was so used to functioning that way – I didn’t know any different. I knew with the new responsibilities of motherhood before me, something had to change. At least I had to try.

I was totally unaware that I didn’t know how to run my house efficiently,

and when I did know, I didn’t know where to start.

I knew that I had to figure it out, and I needed a starting point.


How understanding ourselves can help.

Have you ever taken any of the many personality tests that are out there? Like Myers Briggs, or Enneagram or the one with the colors? My guess is you probably have taken at least one. There are so many personality tests, and they are fascinating.

They are very popular and people generally like taking them because we like to identify and categorize ourselves. We like the idea of reading about ourselves, identifying with everything form horoscopes to colors to letters that put us in a category that gives us a name, and connecting with others who are like us. Not in a narcissistic way, but with a healthy sense of belonging.

  • It gives us greater understanding about ourselves. Helps us to make sense of ourselves and make sense of the world and how we fit in it.
  • It’s an identification and a belonging. Its bonds us with likes and from there we seek out and identify our compliments.
  • It provides a quick description about us that validates that although we are unique, we are not alone. It simplifies our complexities, while respecting them.

In addition to personality tests we also have tests for cognition or thinking and processing, like IQ tests and EQ tests.

Thinking is internal. It is how we use our minds to process input (facts, events, ideas…)

Personality is more externally based. Behaviors, habits, emotional patterns, outward character.

While there are a multitude of tests out there, and fascinating as they may be, there is a word of caution.

Because we are more complex, if we overly connect to the labels or categories that we are placed in, and find comfort in connecting to our base need of belonging, we can limit ourselves by claiming that that is just who we are, end of story. When that happens, we tend to limit our growth, learning and personal evolution.

On the other hand, what is empowering about the results is being able to understand the general concepts and self-identify. When you do that, you can establish your baseline. You can say with clarity who are you and where are you starting from. What are your strengths and where are your challenges?

Self-identification helps you mark your starting point.

Why does this help create systems for your home?

When setting up your home systems, self-identification is valuable to mark your starting point because it will affect how you navigate and hurdle challenges.

We are all starting in one place and are trying to get to another.

To use an analogy, we are facing the same mountain. And there is a destination on the other side that we are heading toward. We are all going by vehicle. But our route and skills are the variables, and so will be the challenges. THAT is why we need a quick evaluation.

So which category or test should you identify with?

To keep be helpful, keeping it simple and clear is best. In fact, too many details can get in the way. So I like to use a two category approach. This particular viewpoint is referred to as left brained or right brained dominance. AKA, Detail oriented or Big Picture. Let’s explain…

Detail oriented people tend to rely on the left side of their brain.

Detail oriented people are great planners. They are often exacting, organized and conscientious.

They may have a tendency to overthink and they like to tweak and edit and tinker.

They have a great ability to concentrate and will tend to grasp facts before concepts.

Thinkers more than feelers. They like logic and reason, numbers and language. They are analytical, objective and orderly.

Detail oriented people also have a tendency toward perfectionism.


Big picture people – right brained thinkers.

Big picture people are creative and visionary. They Love new ideas and are imaginative dreamers.

They can see patterns and identify with colors and rhythm.

Big picture people are inventive and easily grasp concepts and principles.

They can easily identify to feelings and are empathic and intuitive.

Frequently starting projects, they often find difficulty finding the desire and/or ability to finish them.

Are you big picture or detail oriented?

Most of us lean more toward one side than the other. Meaning there is a dominant side. However, the truth is we use both sides of our brains all the time. And we need both.

In fact, our brains work best when both sides are engaged, and we actually do it all the time. Writing requires turning thoughts into words. Playing the piano requires reading notes and creating a story of feeling with sound.

When you can activate both sides of your brain and engage them in learning and activities, you can actually perform better, and the results of your efforts are far greater. For example, A vision is just a vision if it isn’t executed. It’s a daydream. We need both sides in strong communication.

And when we approach our home systems we need to do both.

The CEO is our visionary, our COO is our systems manager.

So when we know where we are stronger and where we are more apprehensive, we can embrace those realities and head it straight on. We can be super strong and solid in our strength and, with that same passion, attack our challenge.

You need to learn to be both.

The details create the big picture, but without the big picture, there are no details.

Regardless of where you may find your dominance, remember it is your staring point.

So after I realized my starting point was that I was more big picture. I easily migrated that way and put off the details. In fact, they were daunting! So, I got to work. I developed a method of how to automate my home systems to make my house work for me instead of me working for it. I was in control of my days and my life so I could navigate my path and reach the other side. And I will tell you, had I known what I was missing, I would have done it immediately.

That’s why I have such a passion to share this. I know what life is like on both sides. I remember quite clearly (and still have life resets) what it is like to not operate efficiently and effectively. And I know the carefree, seemingly effortless life of having everything addressed. If that is what you want too, to help you best get there, you need to establish your starting point.

How can this help you?

  • You will be able to identify where your challenges will be. These are the roadblocks where you are most likely to get stuck.
  • It will help you to prepare for the challenges and negative self-talk your lizard brain is going to give you so you can talk him out of the room.
  • You will be able to fully grasp your vision and values and apply them as you determine to stay the course.
  • I want the detail oriented friends to avoid perfection and let loose in brainstorming. Create your vision so you can apply your processes.
  • I want the big picture friends to rely heavily on our premade checklists and activate new habits. We want to get your ideas into actions.

I want you to be prepared and equipped because on the other side of this journey is your vision. It’s the reason why you are probably here. It’s the reward. And if you commit, you will get there, and you will thrive there. I promise. But before you start the journey, know where you are starting, so that living out the journey and tackling your obstacles will not only help you get there, it will let you stay there. It will evolve you.

Yes, it can change your life. ?

Love, Deanna