Be the CEO/COO of your home and run it like a boss!

For successful home management, you need to run your home like a boss!

Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”


Your home should be a place to rest, recharge, host loved ones, and create memories.

But right now, it’s more like a heavy, never-ending, energy drain.

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Does that quote make you cringe? Or does it feel like pressure or like strapping on shackles?

Take control and don’t let fear or cringing stop you. When you can experience the freedom that successful home management systems can give you, you will be glad that you took charge. The shackles are already on… it’s time to be liberated.

Every business needs a boss.

A good business needs an overall vision and a plan that drives its day to day processes to that vision. The CEO, aka Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the vision and overall well-being of a business, and the COO, aka the Chief Operations Officer, creates and implements the plan or strategies that gets you to the vision.

Imagine the COO shows up for work on time or early, dressed and prepared for the day. That individual is calm and dialed in which commands respect and that person knows what their purpose is, what’s going on and what’s down the road. They breed trust and security among their coworkers, implementing creative direction and flexible problem solving. IMPRESSIVE!

Now imagine the COO of a company who is frazzled, scattered, needing coffee just to function, barking orders, tired and cranky and explaining it away by saying I’m just busy… good indicator the company as a whole is stressed and not running well. NOT GOOD!

The time has come to ask yourself, are you the frazzled COO? Or is your household operating without one?



It is time for you to be the CEO/COO of your home and run it like a boss!

Your home operates like a business. As of right now, if you accept the challenge, you are no longer a SAHM or SAHD (stay at home mom or dad) – You are the CEO/COO of your home and family! You are a professional and you are going to take the business of operating this home functionally to success; where you can attain your visions and the joy that comes with it! Say it out loud!

It’s time to pull it together because you can have success and everything that comes with it!

All it takes is a fresh attitude, embracing the role and taking it seriously!

Prepare yourself for negative self talk and doubts, and head them off right away. Let’s get a good frame of mind to start with by answering  a few common doubts people have.


How does calling myself a COO change the fact that I’m just running laundry and errands all day?

First, you aren’t just wearing a title; you are assuming a role! Getting that mindset is important because it commands respect from others and your self respect.

Second, whether you like it or not, we are all the CEO/COO of our lives no matter who you are or where you live or if you have another role. It’s an inherent part of life and that is something we should be empowered by! So you might as well own it! Call it what it is.

Third, the operations are not always pretty but they are necessary functions that are not going away.

Even a Bentley needs to go the gas station. And a company’s data entry system must be organized or serious problems will occur.

Similarly, the same is true with laundry – it’s a necessary function so you might as well do it right and do it well. Effectively and efficiently.


So how do I know I can do it and that my plan will work?

You can do it because you will learn the process, and I will help. Once it’s in place  you no longer have to think about it. You just have to manage it. It becomes like second nature. Like anything that takes a little practice, it will eventually be easy.

Gosh, I remember my grandma making waffles, and of course to me they were the best waffles. And I used to sit in her kitchen and watch and you know what, she never had a recipe out. It looked easy because she had done it so many times it became like second nature.

I’m sure you have done something that has complexity to it and once learned you could do it in your sleep. This is the same thing.

The same is true with implementing home systems. It takes awhile to get it to feel like second nature but before you know it, you are doing it without thinking. That’s where the freedom sets in!

And I will help you create a system for you that is proven to work! It’s fail-proof if you want it!


Why does having good home management systems matter?

Statistics show that SAHM and SAHD are stressed, frustrated, isolated and lacking joy in their lives? And it’s not because they are parents or because they are in the home. Studies don’t get too specific about why – but I’m telling you there’s one major thief of joy contributing to those statistics no matter your income level…

They are serving their home; their home isn’t serving them!!! It is philosophically backwards.

Having good home management systems matter because good home systems are:

  • the only ones you will ever need, once and for all. EFFECTIVE.
  • will save you time and resources. EFFICIENT.

And the secret is… do it right once.

After the planning is in place and the systems are a go… Once the plan is second nature… The chaos evaporates, the frazzled-chaotic-scattered impostor of a COO has disappeared, the shackles are off, and you are free to enjoy the luxuries of living!

Embrace your new Title and start a new day! CEO/COO of your household begins now ?

You got this!

 Love, Deanna