5 tips to successful brainstorming

A Successful Brainstorm Can Bring About Fantastic Ideas!

There was a solution.



Your home should be a place to rest, recharge, host loved ones, and create memories.

But right now, it’s more like a heavy, never-ending, energy drain.

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Yep. Family of six and I tore it down.

Two parents + four kids + a dog + sports = chaos in my laundry room! Staying on top of it wasn’t working. Tweaking the schedule wasn’t working. But really letting loose in the brainstorm is what got me there.

When my husband and I were married we blended our families. My husband was busy with work, and I was the SAHM. All four kids were in different schools, in different sports and on different schedules. Some took the bus, some were driven to school, and they all had sports at one time or another.

Our laundry room was located just as you walked in through the garage before you got to the kitchen area. A common layout in many of today’s homes.  It was about a 10 x 10 room with washer and dryer, cabinets, countertop and it had a deep sink and a nice window with a pretty view.


First, there was a problem.

Not to sound ungrateful by any means! I hated it because it became a monster! Everyday the first thing I saw as I walked in the door was laundry that had been piles up in the room, a basket of mismatched socks, dirty sports gear in the sink, cabinets that were hard to reach into, not enough room to fold and everyday I felt like I was facing a constant chore and/or a constant mess and I was just keeping up!

I tried to rework the system. Tried to reschedule laundry days. Tried to keep everything tight, but nothing was working. I needed to think out of the box… Does this sound familiar?

A brainstorming session brought the solution forward.

I had an idea, thought it through, created a plan and had confidence in my system!!! And it worked ?

Because sometimes doing something outside the box is what is needed – even when everyone thinks you’re wrong.

Brainstorming is such an important part of designing your systems that it can’t be overlooked.

And one of the keys to success when you set out to brainstorm, is you’ve got to be willing to use your imagination and get a little crazy.

So what are the keys to a successful brainstorming session? Here are 5 tips to help you.

STEP 1. Use your imagination and think out of the box.

Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees and we think if we just tweak the current system, we can expect a different result. Sometimes that can be true and is a quick first step, but in order to clear our minds and start from scratch, you’ve got to be willing to get a little wild and crazy!


STEP 2. Get moving.

Studies show that walking can open the mind to better and clearer thinking. The rhythm of the physical, unconscious motion of walking is calming to the mind and opens it to deeper and more creative thoughts.

STEP 3. Get away.

Step out of your environment. Go to a park, or a café or take a quiet weekend to plan by getting a change of scenery. The simple act of changing your scenery, and getting out of the environment that is creating stress can open the creative process.

STEP 4. Kick out the negative talk (from yourself or others).

Your biggest hindrance is being your worst critic. If you approach your brainstorming session with the mindset that everything is possible you will see that while not everything is probable, more things are probable than you might think.

STEP 5. Evaluate the risks.

Conclude by assessing the risk of your problem solving. What is the downside? Or what is the worst-case scenario and is it worth trying? Like the well-known saying “nothing ventured nothing gained,” but you must know the risks before you take the leap.


My old laundry room was demolished, and the space was incorporated into my kitchen remodel. I was able to configure a smaller yet far more efficient laundry area and system that has been smooth sailing ever since. Each bedroom and bathroom have a designated laundry hamper that had a one load holding capacity. Each person would bring a load for laundry when the hamper was full, and it was immediately washed and returned.

No more heaping piles! More importantly the system improved when there was no longer a place to drop things. Yay!

Using the proper brainstorming tools and being willing to think out of the box and utilizing flexible problem solving can free your from your struggles so you can come up with a creative solution! ?

Happy Brainstorming… you got this!

Love, Deanna